Saturday, March 18, 2006

Kiss me I'm Irish!

Well Daddy says I got a little Irish in me somewhere anyway. He and Mommy told me all about St. Patrick's day. I am waiting for the day when I get to go out and act crazy. Daddy helped me celebrate by making me Green Formula.

Mommy got me all dressed up for Daycare and made sure I had plenty of Green on so nobody could pinch me.

We and a few of the other infant babies got into the toddler babies stash of level 3 food. Man am I hungover from that party. That stuff is hardcore. It has Chicken in it and some even have BEEF!

Daddy says the best way to cure a hangover is to workout so I put in some floor time working on crawling. I am getting so close to it I can almost feel it.

I got the scrunch the butt thing down pretty good but I need some work on the keeping the hands in front thing.

I mostly end up flat on my face and crying. Its cool though because big-sister Buffy is always quick to check on me when she hears that. Her kisses are big wet and sloppy.

I do have good news. I got the sitting up thing working pretty good. I can manage to hold it for about 10 seconds and sometimes longer. It has got Mommy all excited.

When Mommy is excited I get excited and I just go crazy!!!

I do get tuckered out quickly and Mommy sets me up for nappy time with Mr. Noisy Dog. Daddy hates him and feeds him to Buffy all the time.

If I am really, really lucky I get special nap time with Mommy. That is the best nap time in the world because we get all snuggly and it is warm.


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