Friday, January 06, 2006

Just hanging out

Buffy and I took a nap the other day. It is nice to know someone is watching over me when I sleep.

Daddy has been spending a LOT of time with me this past week. He took the top of the Jeep and took me for my first ride in a convertible. I had to wear a hat to make sure I didnt get to cold. Daddy says I look like a longshoremen.

We got all dressed up for the big game. I made sure GloWorm was ready to go as well.

Then me and Daddy tucked in to watch a AWESOME GAME!!!! HOOK'EM!

After the game Daddy and Mommy kept kissing and hugging then they made some room for me. Daddy says in 19 years I can win a NCAA Title too SO I am going to start getting ready for that.
Daddy decked me out for another ride the day after the game and took me for a Milkshake. It was yummy but not as good as Blankie.


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