Sunday, November 13, 2005

SO much is happening!

I am so mad I cant stand it! Daddy wont let me borrow his Jeep to go pick up chicks. Can you beleive that?!?! I have done all the things I am supposed to and he still wont give in, maybe I can just cry as loud as I can till I get my way.

I got to me some new people this week. Curtis and Kate are friends of Daddy's from back in his "Wilder days". Daddy use to raise a lot of H E L L ( he says I can spell bad words but not say them). They are really cool. Curtis was at the house the night I showed up and from what Daddy tells me he freaked out just a little bit. Since then though he has been awesome and he likes to play with me and make faces. Katie is really cool as well. She smells real good and has real soft hair. When I get older I am going to look for a girl just like her.

Buffy is still my best friend EVER. She follows me every where and makes sure that my hands are always clean. She even tests out all my toys first just to make sure they taste right. Friends like that are special.

I have been working out everyday so that I can get big and strong. How am I looking.? Here is my pose.

All this writing and working out is making me sleepy. I am going to take a nappy poo now.


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