Sunday, November 20, 2005

I have had a rough week

I started school this week and it really takes a lot out of me.

Daddy says this is my best side. He always gives me a hard time when I am working out. I am trying really hard to crawl for him and Mommy. I have mastered the roll over and I am a champ at pushing my head up but I still have not been able to do it all the same time.

It takes so much out of me I have to nap again. I love the boppie. Dady will pull it up next to him and we can watch T.V. and play poker.

I am really int baths also. I have had several and they keep getting better each time. I like the bubbles a lot.

I also like going for rides in the car. Mommy takes me on one almost everyday! It makes me sleepy too. I think that is why Mommy does it.
With all the sleep I get I normally am awake all night long and I like to stay up with Daddy. He says I am lucky and likes to rub my belly. He says I am a Lucky charm.

When every he wins big I get to play upside down baby! It is so fun.

Me nad Buffy are still best friends even though she is eating all my toys.


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