Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Mommy and Daddy told me that Saint Patrick's Day is a holiday where a bunch of people get together, wear green shirts and drink mommy-daddy juice.They also told me I was a leprechaun. Which mommy said freaked her out a bit.

Mommy and daddy and I went to this really neat place called Fado. There were a bunch of other Irish people there drinking juice too. Mommy said to say I was 21 so that I could come hang out. I can't count that high, so I let her do the talking.

Daddy and Mommy and I hung out outside for a bit until a band was supposed to go on stage. Daddy said they are called the Blaggards and they were Irish too! Neat!

They were really really really neat.

I jammed out, danced and ran around. Mommy and daddy had some more juice.

It was a great day. I like being Irish...and a leprechaun.


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