Friday, May 05, 2006

I know I should have called but I was just to busy

I went on a road trip with Daddy this month. He said I was a go co-pilot.

We headed out to Grammies place and hung out for a few days.

She spoiled me and let me roll around all over the place like I was a little prince.

When I got back I decided I needed a hobby so I took up the Piano. Daddy says I am going to be a Jazz man.

All the late night gigs got me tired though so mostly I slept a lot more.

With all the time I spent on the floor I found that I was learning to get around a lot quicker. Daddy thought it was a good idea to send my best friend Buffy to the back yard but now that I got the skills to get to her she never has to stay outside long.

Lets see... how does this work? I have seen Daddy come over here and move this thing...

HMMM... lets see. If I move it this way...

Yeah!!! Buffy is the house with me! I guess that is another thing Daddy is going to have to lock.

Thats what friends are there for Buffy, to help each other out. Now give me a big kiss or I will bite off your nose.

Buffy? Buffy are you playing dead?

NO your not! You fooled me!

Best friends are the best. Buffy is really my best friend in the whole world.

Daddy gets jealous sometimes when Buffy and I are having all the fun so he comes down to play with us.

I like to grab a big handful of his beard hair and pull. He says it hurts but I think Daddy is pretty tough and can take it.

We make a pretty good team.

I also got to spend time on the floor this month with a new friend.

Mommy's friend Linnie came by to hang out. She is a hottie and you know how I like the women. She kept giving me kisses and hugs and spent time on the floor with me. I think she has a crush on me just a little. Daddy said she would be a good catch for me, she is a doctor and is single. I might have to add her to the list of girls to call when I learn to talk.

Buffy and I also worked on reading this week. Daddy says she doesnt know how to read so I figure I would try to teach her.

It is one of the many things I am capable of doing arounbd the house to help out. I am also really good at sorting all of Mommy's mail.

I also make sure she has plenty of spit on all of the bills.

I also started something else this week.

It started all easy like. I got up on all fours...

and then I pulled my legs in front of me...

and then all of the sudden POW! I was sitting up all by myself, Mommy was really happy about that!

That is all I got for now. Daddy told me to tell everyone that I promise to update my site more.


At 8:54 AM, Blogger Robyn said...

Connor is the cutest child EVER!!!!
Seriously, I think he might even be cuter than my chihuahua (just don't tell her that!!!)


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