Sunday, August 13, 2006


Hi there, I was just sitting here and thought I would send you all some new pictures.

Sorry it's been so long but I have been working on a few new projects.

I got this standing thing down and have been doing it for a few days now.

It's easy cheesy I just grab ahold of something and pull.

So mom and dad got me this really cool thing...they said it was a drum!

I started to figure it out how to play it

So I take this thing and I bang on it really hard...sounds like fun!

I like it........

You try it now...

I'm workin on my John Bonham solo....daddy said he was an awesome drummer.

And if I practice hard enough I can be good too! Wait a minute...all of the sudden

I caught my balance...

Stood up and...

Started to shake my groove thing but after seeing these photos...I should probably stay with my music.Whew, that took it out of me. Sippy cup and some grub!

Thanks for hanging out...I'm off to a jelly sandwich and a nap. See ya.


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