Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Uh? What? You woke me up

Look guys, I love all of you but I am sleeping.

JUST KIDDING! Mommy and me are just hugging on the couch. She is the greatest in the world.
She told me that today is a special day for Daddy and since she is he is sleeping late she is going to warm me up for ZERBERTS so I am ready for when he wakes up.

HA! She is so good at it. She is just the best Mommy in the whole world.

While we are waiting for Daddy I decided to catch so T.V.

I dont know about you guys but I just want to punch these silly Moose looking guys. They are stupid and I promise I am never going to make Mommy and Daddy buy me $100's of dollars worth of toys ... HAHA just kidding I am going to want them all and if Daddy wont get them I am going to grandparents.

Daddy finally made it out of bed and put me through the paces. He started with tickles on my ribs.

Then he played the make me slap my own belly game.

Then the real fun started.

Daddy said that my hair was looking a little to shaggy and that I was starting to look like a hippie. He was not going to have any of that so he broke out the tool kit.

He gave the once over inspection and declared that I am going to be a FLAT TOP KID.

He gave me a good shampoo and went to work.

With a little clip here and a clip there followed by another wet down and a few brushes...

he started styling me into my finsihed product.

When it was all over I went to so my #1 friend Buffy my new doo but someone else was at her house. BEANIE! she is so small that I think she is a toy sometimes. When she didnt pay attenion to me I decided to just grab a big ole peice of her hair... she didnt like that to much :(

she was such a bummer I wanted to go find some fun. I got a new toy from Mommy, she calls it a BOX.
I can do all kinds of thinks with it. Mommy says it is so cool because I can use my imagination and make it anything I want and if I think hard enough I will be come the toy I am thinking of.

I really want it to become a TOY car that I cna ride around on!

Holy dirty diapers it happened! Just kidding this is my toy that Granny and Pop sent me from Dallas.
I really had you guys going didnt I? Well I am out of here I will see you guys in a few days


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