Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mommy's Day!

Mommy got to come hang out with me at school this past week. I was so happy to get to show her off to everyone. Daddy says that she is not only the most smartest woman in the whole world that she is also the most prettiest and has the best taste in men. All I know is all the other boys at school were checking her out and wanted to know if they could come hang out.

After school I got to go hang out with Daddy and Mommy over at John Gump's house. He was going to take some family pictures of us. I wasn't really into it so I didn't put my good picture face on.

Hey Daddy, are you wearing pants?

Seriously Mommy is Daddy Wearing any pants? What do you see in him anyway? He is really goofy!

Daddy told me to look my best because there were going to be single woman my age at this party. I brushed both my teeth and did my hair up right.

I was a little nervous at first but once I started chatting it up I relaxed a bit. Emma Jane was the lady I got to hang out with.

I didn't get to play it cool for long. I learned real quick that she was a special kind of lady. She can walk all on her own and even says words!

I ran to Mommy for help on this one. I had to try and show her I was cool enough to hang out with her.
Mommy helped me stand but I just couldn't get the walking thing down. OHHH how embarrassing.

I tried really hard but couldn't get it. Finally I gave up and just went with what I am good at, sitting down and looking cute. Sure enough it was only a few seconds and Emma was sitting next to me.

Once I got her there I wasn't going anywhere. I got to hang out with some quality chicks today.


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