Friday, September 26, 2008

Playing Dress Up

We need to get dressed. I think we should wear the outfits Ms Amanda bought for us.
How do we look?

Owen and Connor

We're just like Mater and Lightin' McQueen!

Best buds!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Molly: Chillin with my bubba

So, Bubba and I watched Telletubbies the other day. I was doing some R&D for my upcoming mini-series. We are still in the early phases.

Seriously? Who the heck thinks up this stuff?

Can you imagine what their resumes say "Tinky-Winky Sept 2004-current"

K...turn it off! Lets watch some CNN or somthing. Frightening stuff!

Abby: I look just like my brother

This is my big brother. his name is may have heard of him.
This is me in my new overall skirt. I like it.
This is me pretending to play the trumpet. I'm getting good.
This is me really full. My shirt says "Beware of the Kong" It makes mommy laugh, but I dont know why.
This was my big brother's old toy. You kick it and it spins and stuff. I like to be kicky.

This is my daddy. He's really neat. We watch football together and he snuggles really well.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Cousins Hang Out in East TX

Abby, Connor, Sophia Jean and Molly (the red one)

Sophia, Uncle Scott, Shadow the Dog and Connor

Cousins Abby, Molly and Sophia chillin at da crib in Crockett

Chicken Granny, Great Grandaddy, Abby, Molly and Momma Mc

Fishin at Granny and Pop's