Thursday, February 23, 2006

Working on it.

SO I glad y'all stopped I got a few things to asks you guys. Mommy has been working with me on this whole " eating" thing.

The current method I am trying out is putting the food in my mouth and then following it with my foot to help it work its way down... I am having problems with that.

Now since that was halfway working I went for the 2 foot in the mouth method but it also was not as successful.

It resulted in a complete food swallowing failure and I was forced to push the food back out on to my food holding device.

I was finally able to find a solid method called the " Topless Wonder". I found if I stripped down to nothing but my bib and left both my hands and feet out of my mouth that the food easily reached it destination in my belly. Speaking of bellies, mine is very ROUND these days and I am little worried that I am not as dead sexy as I need to be. Does this bib make me look fat?

Besides eating I have also been working on grabbing things and pulling. This me setting Mommy up, she things I am reaching for the rings but little does see know that it is her hair I am going for. She is in for a rude awakening.

Daddy is continuing my ongoing Poker education. I am getting really good. I can sit in my little hanging thing for hours with him... and he is warm too.

Mommy set me up on a dinner date this week with one of her friends. She is a little older than me but is pretty cute. She is a solid kisser as well and kept telling my how cute I was. She was way digging me but I just am not ready to settle down yet. I got a lot of things going on like working on crawlingand I got some things going on in my mouth that Daddy calls teeth so I really don't have time for a relationship but my a few years from now if she is still into me.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I think we need to have a talk.

Now step into my office and lets discuss a few things.

First I would like to thank Grannie for coming down from Dallas and hanging out while Mommy and Daddy went to some place called the Hill Country.

She brought me this really cool thing I am sitting in. Daddy calls it my Office and says I look like a business man whenever I am in it.

It has a bunch oif really neato buttons and sound making things, and monkies! I like monkies a lot. I have a Monkey name Rupert that sleeps in my bed with me so I got a little street cred when it comes to the animal kingdom.

I can make all of these things do all kinds of stuff. They make lion noises and Elephant sonds too.

When I am not hard at work in the office I like to hang out with my best friend in the whole world Buffy. She is my big sister and makes sure I am always taken care off.

I try to bite her nose sometimes because it looks like what food is but a Daddy tells me that it is not food but I try anyway.

I am showing Buffy my socks because those are her favorite.

Daddy is ,y other friend. He is so cool. He teaches me all kinds of things like dont eat boogers and how to sleep on the couch while watching T.V.

His hugs and kisses are almost as good as Buffy's but hers are wetter.

And she is softer too!

She really loves me a bunch and cries when I cant play with her.

o o o o I almost forgot... I learned what a ballon is !!! It was so neat it just hang out with me for hours.Well that is all I got for now. I am going to head back to the office and do some Reports or something.
I will say this though... I am going to hold my breath until you come back and see me.