Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I am a babe magnet.

My Mommy took me to Guerro's for a Saturday lunch date with some hotties

Chicks dig me they cant set me down. They all want to kiss me and hug me and make sweet faces at me.

My favorite girl though is still Mommy. She is the bestest in the whole world.

Although Anji is pretty hot!

What do you mean no BOTTLE!?!?!?

SO Mommy said that I am such a big boy that I need to start trying real food. I don't know if I am ready for it yet but I am going to try! It looks really fun and I get to use my high chair.

I am a little hesitant at first but once I got started I was a pear gobbling machine.

Why hasn't anyone told me about this pear thing before? This is so AWESOME!

I can really get use to this hand feeding thing. It is way cooler than the bottle.

And I got no worries if I get it all over the floor because I got a friend that will help me clean up

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hangin' With Mom

Hey guys!

I haven't written in a while...been a little under the weather....

I freaked mom out big time! It wasn't all that bad, but it scored me some great chill time with the mom

...and a thank you note from the makers of Huggies!

Mom is pretty cool. Small problem though...she totally cramps my style with icky kisses.

Chill mom! Tryin to impress the chicks with my GQ-ness.

Anyway, not much going on. Learning lots of stuff at school and it poops me out.


Friday, January 06, 2006

Just hanging out

Buffy and I took a nap the other day. It is nice to know someone is watching over me when I sleep.

Daddy has been spending a LOT of time with me this past week. He took the top of the Jeep and took me for my first ride in a convertible. I had to wear a hat to make sure I didnt get to cold. Daddy says I look like a longshoremen.

We got all dressed up for the big game. I made sure GloWorm was ready to go as well.

Then me and Daddy tucked in to watch a AWESOME GAME!!!! HOOK'EM!

After the game Daddy and Mommy kept kissing and hugging then they made some room for me. Daddy says in 19 years I can win a NCAA Title too SO I am going to start getting ready for that.
Daddy decked me out for another ride the day after the game and took me for a Milkshake. It was yummy but not as good as Blankie.