Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Daddy is crazy.

So that Daddy guy was hooping-and-hollering Saturday night. Those guys the Longhorns, that he tells me I am going to grow up to be, were doing something to these guys called the Buckeyes. He was going nuts all screaming and crying. I dont know what was going on but he sure was happy.

He and his buddy Buffy were going crazy and then Beanie his other friends started barking and it was loud. It got me all excited so I decided to jump all around but Mommy didnt like that to much. She wasnt mad she just walked around bouncing me softly and it made me sleepy and then I took a nap. Then on Sunday I got a little cranky and decided to kick the walls some more really hard. I want out of here so bad it is so tight and I am a big boy and dont like much anymore.

Monday Mommy took to the Doctor again. I am guessing it is pretty hard on Mom because she is really tired all the time. The Doctor told here something that made sad. He told her that I am not goingto be able to move out for 28 more days and that she is not even ready?!?!?! I dont know what that means, I fell like I am ready. Oh well I am not going to argue Dr. Uribe seems to know a whole bunch about babies. He should work with them for a living.

I like toast a lot this week and keep pushing the button down here to get Mommy to send me more. It is extra yummy with butter and jelly. I really have to slow down on it though because I heard Dr. Uribe tell Mommy that I weigh 6.5 lbs already and will be gaining an ounce a day for the next 28 days.Mommy told me that means I will weigh about 8 lbs when I am born, then she cried about that... A LOT. She told Daddy it was real scary and said when I move it will be like pulling a football through her nose. She made him swear that he will make sure she gets the shoot the second she gets to the hospital.

I would like to say hello to Emma Jane Gump. She dropped me a line today and when I asked Daddy about it he told me she was a hottie and when I move I should look her up. I am cool with that. Daddy says I am going to grow up to be good looking like him.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

4 weeks to go

So I have been sitting here with really nothing to do. That lady I was telling you about named Mommy has been talking to me a lot. She is really cool, and makes sure that I get this thing called banana almost every day. I like it a lot and I cannot wait to meet it. I have been thinking about moving out of this place I am living in now. It is really small and I keep trying to stretch out but the walls always bounce right back. I have found that if I kick this thing called a bladder that Mommy has, it makes her get up and walk around. I like that because it feels good to be carried all over the place. When I move I am going to have to find some way to make that happen still.

I heard from that guy again named Daddy. He is ultra cool! He told me that when I move out of this place that we can hang out. He says that I will be showing up right around the time of something called Texas/OU weekend. Get this, these guys called Sooners come down from a place called Oklahoma (daddy said that place is a waste land of useless people) to this place called Dallas where my Pop and Granny live. They have to play a game called Football that daddy says he will teach me real soon; against these guys that daddy calls Longhorns. I don’t know what a Longhorn is but it sounds so cool when daddy talks about it that I cannot wait.

So for now I am just going to hang out where I am. I feel really weird though because I keep gaining weight and a couple of weeks ago I found this thing called hand. It tastes really good so I keep it in my mouth a lot. I also started hearing Daddy and the other people that talk to me a lot better so I got that going for me. Daddy was telling me that I am going to be a real lady killer. I don’t know what that is but he says he will take me to Hooters soon and show me off to the girls.
That is really all for now. I am going to take a nap and then kick the walls a little today. Nothing special, later all.