Sunday, October 23, 2005

The last 2 weeks have been wild

I got all settled in and found that Mommy and Daddy had a room all set up for me when I got here. That was nice of them. I got to meet Buffy my big sister, she is a little funny looking and has a lot of hair but she seems to like me a whole lot. She follows me every where and even comes when I call. Of course all I can manage to do is yell really loud but it gets everyone in the house coming.

Daddy is teaching me lots of neat things like how to play poker.

but since I keep him up all night he falls asleep.

We play fun games. Daddy likes to dress me up like a burrito sometimes.

This weekend we got to watch another Longhorn game and daddy dressed me up to look like him.

and so did Buffy and Mommy

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I am all unpacked

So I have been here for 5 days so far and I must say I kinda like it. I have got to meet lots of people and with the only one I didnt like was that guy that cut my woo-hoo. If I ever see that guy on the street I am going to kick his butt.

I like to sleep alot but that is nowhere as fun as EATING. I eat all the time! It is so fun.

I have gotten settled in my room and have learned where the call button is to get Mommy and Daddy to come play with me. All I do is yell really loud and they come running. I have also learned that Daddy is a big wussy and everytime I cry he drops everything and comes and grabs me. Some times I do it just for fun.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

I finally got her to let me out.

After a few hours of kicking and screaming I finally got Momma to let me out of my lease on her belly.

I got here Friday morning at 8:09 am and everybody said I looked super. I felt little big at 8 pounds even but I am kinda tall at 21 and a half inches.

I got to meet that Daddy guy too! He is really big and likes to smush faces with me.

I got to meet Pop and Granny yesterday as well.

It was so fun getting to meet everyone. I was so glad to see my Dad, it was his birthday on the 5th and I was trying to make it to town then but I just wasnt ready yet. I made up for it though. I got here in time to see the Longhorns play the Sonners and WE WON!!!

We had to stay an extra night because the Doctor was waiting for some guy name John Dis to leave and when he did I was out the door. I had to bum a ride to my new house with Daddy, I cant reach the pedals yet.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Get me outta here!

I have had it with this place! It’s moving day this week and I cannot wait. I have been head-butting momma and trying to push my way out of here early but she is not cooperating.

Daddy was all happy again today because the Longhorn guys he is always talking about won again. He tries to explain to me what is going on but since I can’t see the game I really don’t get it. He tells me that I better show up this week because next week is the “OU” game and he wants his good luck charm there. I am guessing he means me.

I was looking around my room last week and I found this hole in the roof. It is about 2-3 centimeters wide and I have decided I am going to push on it until it gets bigger and I get to leave here. I am also tired of floating in all this water so I am thinking about popping the bubble I live in and draining it out.

That is all I got for today. I hope to get out of this place soon.

See you later